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Less than 5% of all businesses in the US today are doing business with the government due to lack of information and technology. 

The Federal Government alone spends about $120 Billion Dollars each year through small businesses.
Are you doing business with the government? 

If your business is pursuing or wants to pursue local, state or federal government business opportunities than look no further.

US Federal Data Corp is the leader in providing easy to understand government contract intelligence to small businesses, with very little financial risk to your business.

With each subscription and product provided our customers receive an invaluable government buyer's contact data list for their service area or nationally.

They also receive a government vendor's guide to the required on-line registrations, classifications or certifications to pursue or be pursued to receive and be awarded government business opportunities.

They will also receive URL listings to register or search for current contract opportunities such as their state's local bid matching system, FBO, Sub-Net and GSA to name a few.