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The Federal Government Market Place is a vast ocean of opportunity for small businesses!

On average the Federal Government spends more than $2 Billion Dollars each year, in each state, through small businesses. 

See for yourself by going to the Federal Spending Website at http://www.usaspending.gov/.

In 2009 the President pledged another $800 Billion Dollars over the next 10 years under the American Recovery and Reinvestment ACT. This law is designed to create jobs and stimulate the US economy. 

See the Recovery ACT spending yourself by going to the recovery spending website at http://www.recovery.gov/.  

Some business owners feel that this ocean is too large and to complicated to pursue. Some companies feel they can't compete with the larger companies or that the Federal Government will not use their product and/or services in their service area.

This is simply not true and business owners only feel this way due to the lack of information and technology.
The Federal Government has designed programs to limit the competition and the Federal Government buys everything from space ships to paper clips in every state. On average there are more than 400 Federal Government Purchasing Agents, Contracting Officers or Federal Buyers per state. 

These potential customers spend more money than any other customer!!!

In fact $500,000,000,000 per year!!! Yes that is 11 Zeros!!!

Ask yourself these three simple Questions?

  1. Are you offering your products and/or services to these potential customers?
  2. Are you registered with the Federal Government as an Authorized Vendor?
  3. Are you receiving the most recent business opportunities in your state?

If not, we can help.

We certainly do not want to lead you to believe that you will achieve great success over night.

Our service is only designed to provide you with the information and technology to enter the Federal Government Market. 

Look at it this way:

If your company had one Federal Contracting Officer in your state that purchased your product and/or service, and bought from you once a year, or regularly through out the year, it would certainly be worth it to your company to consider pursuing the market. 

Some small companies make it their business model to make the Federal Government 30% of their customer base, as it is recommended by the Federal Government. 

Please see how we can help your company on our Services page. 

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